Convivium: a Journal of Arts, Culture, and Testimony

Convivium, a journal of arts, culture, and testimony, is dedicated to exploring our common grounds and lonely places, our epiphanies and dark nights - through poetry, fiction, essays, and the visual arts. 

Our third volume is now available for purchase on Amazon: Convivium (Volume 3) Feast : 

The gorgeous third volume is a feast of excellent contemporary poetry and prose. With photos by Sharon Mollerus, and a delicious original cover, by artist Dianne Settino, you'll want one for your own consumption and another to share, convivially, with friends. We've set the price deliberately low, at $7 because we want culture to be in everyone's hands, where you can all be free to devour it.

We invite you to visit the Convivium website:


Volumes 1 & 2 front cover photos by Sharon Mollerus. Volume 3 front cover image by Dianne Settino